Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Teach AG day March 24th!

Teach Ag day is right around the corner and its an exciting day! We can appreciate those who teach us about agriculture in the classroom and out. I know I love teaching people one thing new about agriculture. For so many of us agriculture is our passion and lively hood. I also love being a student of agriculture I love learning new things about the industry.
As a kid growing up I wasn't around the traditional farming, what I learned was from a small scale, a book or a field trip. My dad was a great teacher of agriculture to me and my brother cause he was the first one to teach me how to plant vegetables and care for the fruit trees. In high school I had a few ag teachers, Mr. Bruga and Mr. Appleby, they were great! They had a challenge of teaching us city kids all about agriculture and they did it. I'll never forget Mr. Appleby my sophomore year asking all of us to write on the board what we wanted to learn about agriculture, and I never saw a class of 35 kids so eager to get up and write on a board what we wanted to learn. That year was a great year, I don't think a kid skipped a class cause we all wanted to learn. So thank you to Mr. Appleby for taking all of our ideas and turning them into a year's worth of lessons and teaching us what we wanted to learn! I'm years out of high school and college and I still remember those ag classes and loved learning about agriculture.
I had the best teachers and professors of agriculture and I'm so glad that I can have a day to share my gratitude to them. I hope that I can be as memorable as a teacher as they were to me.

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