Tuesday, November 29, 2011

WOW 5 years down.... so many to go

Its amazing how many things can change yet stay the same in 5 years. It has been 5 years since Barn Tours (now AGademics) has been under new ownership. I am very happy to see this company grow and I am very glad I can continue the tradition of teaching the public about agriculture. I am just as passionate as I was the first day I started to work for Barn Tours over 11 years ago. WOW that seems like a lifetime ago. I still remember going to my first fair as a tour guide and my first fair as an owner and talk about 2 different experience I will never forget.  I appreciate the hard work and foundation that was laid before me and I can't wait to see wait the next level is waiting for us. We have had our up and downs in the last 5 years and learned alot of lessons. The fair industry is an ever changing industry and agriculture is steady so it is a hard balance. But seeing the light bulb turn on when that person you have been talk ing to about agriculture gets "it" and that is what I feel is rewarding. I truly believe if you can teach somebody one thing new about agriculture then I have done my job. And I LOVE my job!!!!!
I can only imagine the future for AGademics  and I hope it is as bright as the last 5 years as an owner.

Monday, November 21, 2011

National Farm- City Week Nov. 18-24

Has Thanksgiving approaches and we give thanks to those who provide for us, it's also a time for us to celebrate Farm to City week. Farm-City is a national organization that is trying to build the bridge between the two. The organization is a great resource on agriculture education information and materials in bring into the classroom or into events. I suggest everyone check it out and test your agriculture knowledge with their quizzes, www.farmcity.org. I know I plan on celebrating this week and keep an eye out on our facebook fan page and twitter for new fun facts about agriculture. 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fashion meets dairy farming

 I have to share this great clip about the fashion world meets the dairy world. I know so many of us in the farming industry try to stay on top of fashion but these execs are the other way around. These execs of Manolo Blahnik have entered into the dairy farming world. Its a great look into the future of farming and maybe it will inspire others.