Monday, January 31, 2011


Well it's that time of year again when we celebrate one of the best food groups ever, BEEF!!! As you can tell I am a big fan of beef. Not only do I support the cattle ranchers but the butchers who do such a good job making the different cuts I love to cook or BBQ up.  The only bad part about February being "I Love Beef" month is that it is only 28 days long. That is way too short in my book.

So all month long I plan on posting recipes and random Beef facts for you! Please feel free to add your own, we always love to learn new recipes and of course new fun facts.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I was so inspired by a new project a fellow ag enthusiast is starting a AG fact postcard collection. He is trying to collect postcards with ag facts on them from around the country. It is so funny he is starting the collection cause about 3 years ago I made up postcards of different ag commodities on them for kids of all ages to color or mail out with ag facts on the back of them. (if you want to see them please email us at I love the idea so much I would love to have my own collection and even make up a little book of the postcards from around the country. So all you retired Barn Tour guides please send some postcards our way. we would love to see them and learn something new from you or your favorite Barn Tour fact.

If you are interested in the project that inspired me please check out the website:

Friday, January 7, 2011


In my slow season I sub at local schools, from elementary to high school and I run across the same thing. Most kids have no clue what 'AGRICULTURE" means. They use it every day and see it every day, it may not be in the traditional forms but it there. The kids still think of a farmer in overalls sitting on tractor. And has we all know not all of us wear overalls. The word "AGRICULTURE" to city kids doesn't have the warm fuzzy memories our parents have or even some I have. What most of of our inner city youth knows about agriculture comes from our media and it isn't all positive.

It boggles my mind how "Earth Science" is no longer apart of a agriculture classes but purely just a science class. I find it funny how we have all these school gardens but no one is teaching them "AGRICULTURE" its "GARDENING". I know I might be standing on a soap box but if no one teaches the kids they are truly learning about agriculture how can we except these kids to appreciate the industry.

We praise schools for having school gardens and science programs, but we are first to cut the Agriculture departments. I don't think every school needs a Agriculture department but if you are going to teach the kids about aspects of Agriculture make sure they walk away with an understanding of the word and the industry.