Thursday, September 24, 2009

Central Washington Fair

Wow after a long truck ride and getting lost thanks to Rich having his nose buried in the Red Book instead of playing co pilot. haha! We made it to the fair here in Yakima! Its a little hot I think the weather doesn't realize its fall yet. But we got all set up and we will be ready to rock tomorrow afternoon. So far everyone we have met is awesome and so so friendly. Can't wait to see all the fair goers. Look for us next to the Barns!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

unpacking to pack again

It seems I had three suitcases to unpack when I got home. One from my trip to the midwest and 2 i still hadn't unpacked from earlier trips in the summer. So i spent all day yesterday washing and folding clothes. Just to have to pack them again in a week to head up north. Thats right I'm on the move again. This time to the Central Washington fair in Yakima, WA. I'm excited never been there before but I have heard good things. I look forward to the adventure and meeting new people.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Minnesota State fair is over....

I would like to thank our sponsors for having us at the Minnesota State fair, Minnesota Farmers Union, Minnesota FRAC, Minnesota Farm Bureau and Minnesota MidWest Dairy Association. We had a great time getting to meet the public and educate them about agriculture. We feel like we accomplished our goal of teaching the public one thing new about about agriculture.
We made new friends and saw familiar faces. We loved the Moo Booths new look and even enjoyed volunteering in the booth. Thank you to everyone who made our experience at the Minnesota State fair. We can't wait for next year.