Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Is it really flattering to be copied?

As I stand on top of my soap box, I have learned in the last couple of years and weeks  of companies trying to copy MY Barn Tours program and even fairs are copying the program (BARN TOURS) and the NAME. I appreciate the fact that there is people out there in the world who think we are doing a great thing and want to copy it. But DON"T use my name (BARN TOURS) we have a 20 year reputation we have worked hard to build up and maintain. Now I am all for us to work together so if you do want to use MY name and MY program we can work together but ASK first. I keep my business to a certain standard and I would hate to think that the copies out there are not and ruining MY name without knowing it.
I understand that in the fair industry we tend to use ideas from others and make them our own. But when you take ideas from a business and try to do it on your own you take money out of our pocket as well as try to reinvent the wheel. Well I blue prints to the wheel and have worked out all the kinks and its so hard to see others out there try to do it and it not be up to our standards.
 By all means just ask and I am willing to work with you so that way the education is still being passed along in a fun and entertaining way. Cause all that matters is the public is educated correctly and no more miss information about agriculture is spread.