Monday, April 25, 2011


It is that time of the year when the smell of corndogs are in the air and the fair memories are flooded back faster than you can "ferris wheel". But sadly in California many of the fair memories will be just that after next year. Thanks to a governor and cutting the budgets 30 fairs are on the edge of  closing their doors forever. So many of the fairs depend on the funding from the state to help run the annual event. So many of us have grown up going to the fair with our parents or grandparents and have fond memories. Why shouldn't our children have the same memories?
Many people are forgetting the roots of the county fair, which is to share with the community the best of what they have, and to educate what is going on with in the county. The fair started for a way for farmers to show off their best animals and sell them to other farmers looking to improve their herds and for the children and wives to show off their prized recipes and artwork. The under tone of the fair is to educate your neighbor on what you are doing so that maybe they can take back the knowledge and make it work for them on their farm. So many of us have left the farm and no longer need to bring back the prize winning bull home but the concept is still there; learn what your neighbor is doing and hopefully bring back that knowledge back home with you.
So go out there to your local fair and learn something new from your neighbor  and take it home and apply it. While you are there make a new memory and support your local county fair.

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