Monday, December 6, 2010


New name? Is probably what most people are thinking. And the very next question is why. Well that is a very good question. I am changing the name of the company not the programs. The name of the company now represents what we are about and what we strive to bring to the general public. We will still be providing the same high quality and standards that we strive to bring to our clients and audience.

 The official name of the company is: AGademics.  We are an agriculture education company and I believe our name now reflects that. Of course Barn Tours is not going anywhere! The Barn Tours program is here to stay. Now all our programs: Farm Planet (educational material), Barn Tours (fair tours), Agademics (school presentations) and consulting are all represented by one name AGademics.  We will be updating our websites, social media,  and logos after the first of the year to represent all our changes. I hope that everyone understands the change and looks forward to it as much as we do.


  1. I LOVE the idea! It relates agriculture to the education of the program and provides an umbrella for the whole program! Way to go!
    ~Malorie Bankhead
    2010 National Beef Ambassador