Sunday, October 2, 2011

National 4-H Week October 2- 9

As National 4- H week approaches it reminds me of all the good times and friends I made in this GREAT organization. I started like many at 9 years old following in a parents foot steps. I still remember 20 plus years later the fun activities, camps, leadership, livestock events and people from that time. I truly believe that at one point all children rural or urban need to experience the vast diversity that is 4-H. I still keep my prized 4-H trophy I won at fair not too long after joining the Buena Suerte club, High Individual Vegetable Sweepstakes!!! Its one trophy I can't seem to part with (its a silver and gold watering can, that as never seen water) There is so much to learn and do with 4-H that use this week to help celebrate the organization and please share your memories with your loved ones or help a new clover make theirs for the first time.

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