Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Good times at the WFA convention.

Well its been a week since I got back from Reno and the WFA and I was so happy I went. I met great people and was inspired for the new fair season. It was nice to attend some of the session and be apart of one. I would like to thank Judy Carrico from Alameda County Fair for thinking of me and having me participate with her on the workshop "How to build an Ag Ed Area". If you are looking for highlights and education material from the convention keep a look out on the WFA website ( I know I will be watching it. And I would also like to thank Karen (Mrs.Tadpole) for letting me stay with her and introducing this newbie to so many nice people in the fair industry. I look forward to seeing my new and old fair friends on the road. See you all soon!!!

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