Monday, June 27, 2011

Barn Tours: How We Do!

The first week of the Alameda County Fair was none other than successful for AGademics and Barn Tours! The many games, activities, and tours offered had a positive impact on the public and are continuing to engage the fairgoers in learning about agriculture.

In the Barnyard, the public is able to see a variety of livestock and their babies and learn basic facts about each species. The livestock include miniature donkeys, a cow and her calf, sows and their piglets, angora goats, dairy goats, and baby doll sheep. Children love having a hands-on experience with the animals, as well as the coloring activities and creating agriculture related bookmarks at the AGademics tent!

Our Barn Tours tent has also been very successful at engaging the public through our tours and tent activities. The Barn Tours guides have been very excited with the many tours we have given. The tours travel through all the livestock barns at the fair - the small animal barn, large livestock barn, and the Barnyard - where the public has the chance to learn about the livestock being exhibited at the fair. Today, our tours consisted of many enthusiastic young children and adults. Before the tour they had the chance to play the two games offered at the Barn Tours tent, Cornhole and Plinko, and win an AGademics hat. On the tour, they learned about the livestock being exhibited, including market sheep, rabbits, turkeys, chickens, dairy cattle, and even the Budweiser Clydesdale horses! The tour was filled with exciting games, interesting facts, and was altogether a great learning experience for the group.

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